LNER has Pride all year round

Here at LNER, we don't just celebrate Pride once a year.

We celebrate Pride every day. Join us in sharing the love all year round.

Throughout the year, LNER attends and sponsor events to support and celebrate Pride, as well as raising money for charities that help the LGBTQ+ community around the country.

We want to encourage everyone to celebrate with us and help support people. Let's change the world together.

Find us at York, Edinburgh and London Pride this summer - with LNER merch giveaways, glitter bars and a photo wall, celebrate Pride the right way with LNER!

London Pride

York Pride

London Pride

London Pride

Checkout remaining Pride events this year

Pride 2022

This year, LNER joined colleagues and customers to celebrate York and London Pride. Here's a lookback at two amazing days full of rainbows, glitter and love. Check it out...

Kafe Kweer

Kafe Kweer featured in our 2022 People of Pride series where we spoke to co-owner Oskar Kirk Hansen about the continued importance of Pride and having safe spaces to educate and support local communities. You can check out his interview here...

Help others this Pride

At LNER, we think it's important to not only attend Pride events to shw our support for the LQBTQ+ community, but to embrace the giving spirit of Pride all year long. That's why we've partnered with charitable causes that truly make a difference to people's lives.

See what you can do to support others below. 

Being you with LNER

'Being you with LNER' shows our commitment to a truly inclusive culture that enables all colleagues to bring their true selves to work and reach their full potential.

Recently we've been working on making LNER even more inclusive, by supporting and celebrating our colleagues and encouraging them to be their authentic selves at work. At LNER we stand for equality, diversity and inclusion, and we aim to make sure everyone has access to the right resources and opportunities to enable them to thrive.

How do we promote inclusivity in the workplace?

To support the LGBTQ+ community at LNER we introduced a number of initiatives, from the launch of pronoun signatures emails, to a Gender Identity toolkit to support our colleagues transitioning, celebrating key events such as Pride and LGBTQ+ history month and updating our use of the Pride flag to the Progressive Flag as a result of colleagues feedback. Our workplace reflects and celebrates the communities we serve and we are committed to creating a safe space for our colleagues to feel comfortable and proud to be their authentic selves at work.

Donate to CALM with LNER Perks

As an LNER Perks member, you earn 2% credit every time you travel with us.

But you don't have to put this towards travel you can help others with it. Donate your credit through LNER Perks to either CALM or UK for UNHCR.

Find out more about LNER Perks

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