Brilliant Basics

Brilliant basics icon.pngOur most important aim is to get the basics right in everything we do.

The basics are about making sure we are meeting our legal and moral obligations to ensure that our Responsible Business journey is underpinned by a strong foundation. This includes but is not limited to:

More Responsible Business

Places with Heart

We will prioritise our community investment activity on the social issues that have the greatest impact on our communities and business, working with charity and community partners to maximise our impact and make a measurable difference.

People with Heart

Our people are our most valuable asset. We will promote good work for all and create an inclusive culture where everyone regardless of background can access employment and thrive in the workplace.

Business with Heart

Responsible stewardship of the environment we operate within will reduce future risk from resource scarcity and climate change, and ensure we are complying with legislation and playing our part in meeting national and global challenges.