Responsible business

Our vision is to be the most responsible train operating company

Whether that is through more environmentally friendly initiatives, supporting the destinations we serve or caring for our employees.

Love the journey

Being a Responsible Business is not a bolt on to business as usual, it is a philosophy and mindset, not just what our business does but how we do it. Our business is our people and the communities we serve, underpinned by respect for the environment and a desire to minimise our impacts on the planet.

We’re acting on a wide range of issues from local to global, from mental health to climate change in order to evolve with your expectations of how a business should behave. Rail travel is the sustainable travel option and we know that we also need to make it easy for both our customers and our colleagues to be responsible when they travel with us.

Our approach

As LNER our Responsible Business approach is called ‘Love the Journey’ and this supports our business-wide vision to be the most loved, progressive and responsible way to travel for generations to come. We have engaged with our people, communities and local organisations to understand what matters to them and identify what is material to our business, ensuring that we add value to the business as well as acting with responsibility for our impact on each other, our communities and environment.

Our approach to being a responsible business consists of four key areas that were shaped and decided upon by our colleagues, customers, community and supplier partners.

Brilliant basics

Meeting industry standards, regulatory compliance and social requirements that provide the foundation for a responsible business

Business with Heart

Responsible stewardship of the environment we operate within will reduce future risk from resource scarcity and climate change, and ensure we are complying with legislation and playing our part in meeting national and global challenges.

Places with Heart

We will prioritise our community investment activity on the social issues that have the greatest impact on our communities and business, working with charity and community partners to maximise our impact and make a measurable difference.

People with Heart

Our people are our most valuable asset. We will promote good work for all and create an inclusive culture where everyone regardless of background can access employment and thrive in the workplace.

Governance and policy

View our policies and internal accountability


View our Responsible Business Report.

Rail to refuge

A survey by the charity Women’s Aid shows that the experience of almost 7 in 10 domestic abuse survivors got worse during Covid-19. Lockdown has forced women to spend more time with their abusers and, now that some restrictions have been lifted, many are looking for a way out.

One of the issues women face is how to get to a refuge, sometimes with children in tow and often with little money in their pocket. This is why LNER has joined with Southeastern, GWR and other rail companies to deliver the ‘Rail to Refuge’ scheme.

We’re offering free travel to women and their families escaping domestic abuse. Since the launch of the scheme at least four women and children have benefited each day and the scheme is now being extended until March 2022.

Survivors of domestic abuse who would like to access Rail to Refuge, or need other support, can get in touch with Women’s Aid through their Live Chat service, open Monday – Friday, 10:00am – 4:00pm, Saturday and Sunday 10:00am – 12:00pm.

Start a chat with Women’s Aid on their website.

Statement from the Managing Director

Being a responsible business isn’t just about doing the right thing. Our people want to work for an organisation that shares their values and our customers want us to stand for something more and make a real difference to their daily lives. Here at London North Eastern Railway (LNER), we pledge to deliver all of these things. We aspire to put heart into everyone’s journey and everyone at LNER is working towards this new shared purpose. Of course, it’s not just about what a business says, but about what it does. Our Responsible Business Report demonstrates how we can bring this to life in a meaningful way across every part of our business, day in, day out.

We're at the start of our Responsible Business journey and we know we have quite some way to go, but ultimately, we're committed to becoming the most responsible train operating company in the UK.

David Horne
Managing Director London North Eastern Railway