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Will I still be able to access my existing train tickets and booking information in the LNER app?

Yes, once you log into the app you can access your full LNER account, including bookings you have made on the LNER website. Any tickets you have already purchased can be accessed through the new LNER app.

Can I reserve a bike space through the LNER app?

The app currently does not support bike reservations. However, you can reserve a bike on our website when booking a journey that on LNER trains only. Alternatively, you can reserve a bike space by contacting us on 03457 225 333 Monday to Sunday between the hours of 08:00-22:00 or at a Travel Centre.

Travelling with a bike

Can I choose to get my train tickets posted to me through the LNER app?

No, we do not support posted tickets from the LNER app. Mobile tickets in the form of eTickets are easier to use, can be replaced if lost, and are easier to change or refund. Where we can give you an eTicket for your journey, we will do this by default. If eTicket is not supported for your journey (e.g. cross London journeys) then we will allow ticket collection at the station.

What operating systems support the LNER app?
  • Android 7 and later
  • iOS 11 and later

If you have older versions of the app that were supported on earlier versions of iOS or Android, then the app may remain on your device, but you won’t benefit from any app updates for later versions. We recommend updating your operating system and/or device if you want to benefit from LNER app updates.

Can I use promotions when buying tickets through the LNER app?

From mid-August 2020, you will be able to use promotions in our app. Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the app to benefit from this feature.

Can I print my tickets purchased through the LNER app?

If you select eTickets for your journey, then you can print the PDF versions of your tickets if you prefer to have a hard copy. You can access these versions in the My Account area of the LNER app or the LNER website. We also email you a PDF by default if you book eTickets via the app.

Real-time travel alerts

Real-time updates for your train journey

You can sign up to SMS or Facebook messenger personal alerts to keep you up to date with your journey when you book a ticket directly with LNER.

We'll let you know which platform your train is on and let you know if there's any delays to your journey.

To sign up to alerts you can only do this while booking, but we are working to improve this so that you can sign up to our personalised journey updates even if you haven't bought a ticket with us.

More information on LNER Assistant 

Change time of travel with Seatfrog

Can I swap my train to one departing at a later date?

No, you can only swap trains for the same day of travel as your original ticket.

Will my Train Swap include a seat reservation?

Yes, a seat reservation is included with every booking at no extra cost.

What if I require passenger assistance or a wheelchair space reservation?

Passengers with assisted travel requirements or those that require wheelchair space reservations must contact LNER prior to purchasing a Train Swap. Please visit our Assisted travel page for more information on Passenger Assist.

Assisted travel

Do I need to keep my original ticket?

Yes, a Seatfrog Train Swap is a supplementary barcode that must be carried along with your original ticket when travelling.

Which ticket do I use to pass through the barrier?

Please use your original ticket to pass through the barrier. If there is an issue getting through, please contact a member of staff and show them the valid Train Swap barcode.

What do I show the train guard onboard?

If asked by a member of onboard staff, you will need to show your original ticket and your Seatfrog Train Swap barcode.

Is Train Swap available in the Seatfrog app?

During the beta phase of the trial, Train Swap will not be available in the Seatfrog mobile apps (iOS & Android). This is something we are looking to change soon, stay tuned for announcements.

What if I need a bike space reservation with my train swap?

Due to the last-minute nature of the Train Swap platform, we cannot guarantee the availability of bike spaces onboard coaches. If you have an existing bike space reservation, please contact the rail company directly to check availability prior to purchasing a Train Swap.