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Season tickets give you unlimited travel between two stations: any time, any day, any train, as many times as you like. They can last between a week and a year. One ticket to rule them all.

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What are the advantages?

Season tickets offer a great way to save money if you travel the same journey on a regular basis. They can be bought for a week, a month or a year.

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The smarter way to use Season tickets is here.

Say goodbye to paper tickets and start using Smartcards, the smarter way to travel. Smartcards are:

  • Free when you buy a weekly, monthly or annual Season ticket or Travelcard
  • More durable than paper tickets
  • Better for the environment because they can be reused for years
  • Faster to get through ticket gates

Get your Smartcard in My account or when you renew your Season ticket at an LNER Travel Centre. Or you can take your current paper Season ticket or Travel card to a Travel Centre and ask for a Smartcard.

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Earn credit from your Season ticket with LNER Perks

Our brand new loyalty scheme, LNER Perks, gives you 2% credit back with your Season ticket when you travel between qualifying starting and destination stations.

Sign up to LNER Perks and start building credit that can be used on other LNER journeys, or you can choose to donate it to one of our charity partners. Plus, if you sign up now, you'll get £5 free to spend straight away when you book on our App.

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Please ensure you have a valid photocard with you before buying a season ticket. If you don't already have a valid photocard, you'll need to get one from a station travel centre for free. Just bring a recent passport size photo along with you.

You'll need to carry your photocard with you whenever you travel using your Season ticket.



We know that circumstances change. That's why you can get a partial refund on your ticket, providing there's enough time left. 

If you bought your Season Ticket directly from us, we can generally give you a refund under the following circumstances:

  • Annual Season ticket: provided there are at least seven weeks of validity remaining. Annual Season tickets typically have no refund value after 10 months and 12 days, although they are still valid for travel until the expiry date.
  • One to 10-month Season ticket: For Season tickets between one and 10 months, provided there are seven days (or more) validity remaining, you are generally able to get a partial refund.
  • Weekly Season tickets: For weekly Season tickets, provided there are three days (or more) validity remaining you are generally able to get a partial refund.

If you're unsure about whether you can claim a refund, you can use the National Rail Season ticket refund calculator, which can be found on the National Rail website.

Delay Repay

If you were using your season ticket and your train was delayed, you may be able to claim a portion of your Season ticket back. Find the full conditions on our Delay Repay page. You can also use our Season ticket Delay Repay calculator to estimate what you might be able to claim back.

Please note, these are just estimates. The actual amount may differ.  

Season Ticket Delay Repay Calculator

Season Ticket Delay Repay Calculator

The amount you can claim is based on how many journeys the season ticket is likely to be used for, based on weekday journeys there and back. This means the amount of compensation for each journey is:

  • for a weekly Season Ticket, the price of the ticket divided by 10
  • for a monthly Season Ticket, the price of the ticket divided by 40
  • for an annual Season Ticket, the price of the ticket divided by 464

If we have to introduce an emergency timetable, Delay Repay compensation will be re-calculated against this.

If peak times are especially bad…

If you suffer a period of sustained poor peak* punctuality and you’re a Season Ticket holder, we may be able to pay out over and above these arrangements. Any additional compensation will be agreed in consultation with Passenger Focus and London TravelWatch. 

When exactly are ‘peak’ times?

By ‘peak’ we mean trains scheduled to arrive at London King’s Cross between 07:00 and 09:59, and trains scheduled to depart from London King’s Cross between 16:00 and 18:59, Mondays to Thursdays, excluding Bank Holidays.

We’ve relaxed ticket restrictions for Off-Peak and Season tickets on Fridays for trains departing from and arriving at London Kings Cross and Stevenage, so you can travel at anytime.


Season ticket FAQs

I'm a season ticket holder, when can I claim compensation for delays to LNER trains?

If you travel on a LNER service that's late by 30 minutes or more, we'll give you compensation.

Season tickets refunds are calculated on the difference between the price you paid and the cost of a ticket for the time you actually used it. This means the amount of compensation for each journey is:

  • for a weekly Season Ticket, the price of the ticket divided by 10
  • for a monthly Season Ticket, the price of the ticket divided by 40
  • for an annual Season Ticket, the price of the ticket divided by 464 


Find more information on the Delay Repay page.

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Will my Season Ticket work with the ticket gates?

Yes, but it'll have to be out of the wallet so you can pop it in the gate. If your Season Ticket gets damaged, just ask for a replacement at the Travel Centre you bought it from.

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My Season Ticket is damaged and won’t go through the ticket gate?

If your ticket is damaged and won't let you through the gate, take the opportunity to replace it with a Smartcard. The durable plastic lasts longer than paper tickets and Season tickets can be added online or at a Travel centre.

Ask at the Travel centre and they'll be able to help you.

If you're in a hurry and your Season ticket is still legible, speak to a member of staff and they'll be able to open the gate for you.

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Can I buy a weekly rail ticket?

Yes. We offer a seven day, monthly and annual Season Ticket. If you're a regular traveller or plan on making a specific journey multiple times over a specific period, you could save money compared to buying individual tickets. Find out more on our Season Ticket page.

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Can I pay for my annual Season Ticket in instalments?

Unfortunately you cannot pay for your Season Ticket in instalments.

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Can I buy a car park season ticket?

Yes, you can buy a car park season ticket at a few places:

  • At the Travel Centres in Newcastle, Wakefield, Dunbar & York
  • Buy a one-week ticket (one entry and one exit) at the car park ticket machine
  • Online before you park,

They are available for 7 days, 1 month, 3 months and 12 months, depending on the length of your Season Ticket.

We operate car parks at the following stations:

  1. Peterborough
  2. Grantham
  3. Newark North Gate
  4. Retford
  5. Doncaster
  6. Wakefield Westgate
  7. York
  8. Darlington
  9. Durham
  10. Newcastle
  11. Dunbar

Non-LNER operated stations may also have car parks where season tickets may be available. Check the availability of car park season tickets at other stations.

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Can I get discount on a Season Ticket with a Railcard?

Railcard discounts are not available on Season Tickets, as these tickets are already heavily discounted.

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Can I upgrade to First Class?

Yes, but in most cases it must be done at the booking office beforehand. You will be charged the difference between the First and Standard Day ticket prices.

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Terms and conditions

Season ticket terms and conditions

Please read our terms and conditions for Season Tickets before booking.

1.  Photocards
When you purchase a Season Ticket for the first time, you will need to provide a passport-sized photograph. This will enable us to issue you with your photocard, which must accompany your Season Ticket. Your photocard can then be used with any further Season Ticket that you purchase. Please remember, children may require proof of age. If a photocard is lost or the true likeness of the holder changes, a new photocard is required before it can be used with a Season Ticket. We will issue a replacement Season Ticket with the new photocard serial number in these circumstances. An administration charge may be made.

2.  Validity
A Season Ticket is valid for travel on any train, at any time (excluding Christmas Day and Boxing Day) between the two stations or zones specified, for as many journeys as you want for the period shown and by the route or train company shown on your ticket. Travel beyond the specified stations/zones or after the expiry date or by any route that is not valid, will require the purchase of a separate ticket for the additional journey. A Season Ticket is only valid when produced together with the photocard to which it relates.

3.  Refunds
A refund may be made on a monthly (or longer duration) tickets from the issuing office provided that there are at least 7 days' validity remaining. A refund is calculated from the date the Season Ticket is returned. If you claim a refund on a ticket purchased because you could not produce your Season Ticket and/or photocard at the time of travel, on the first occasion you may receive a full refund. On the second occasion, you may receive a refund and pay an administration fee of £10. On the third and all subsequent occasions within the 12-month period starting from the first occasion that the Season Ticket could not be produced, no refund will be given on tickets purchased.

4.  Duplicates
These are available to holders of monthly or annual Season Tickets. If lost, you must inform the Travel Centre from which you bought the Season Ticket as soon as possible and agree to return the lost ticket if found. An administration charge* will be made for replacing the lost ticket. A second replacement may be allowed if the original Season Ticket is returned to us within one month of notification of the loss, or if the first or second request for a duplicate arose as a result of theft, robbery, fire or other exceptional circumstances, the facts of which have been reported to the police, the fire service or another appropriate body. * The administration charge for a duplicate season ticket is £20.

5. New Tickets or Renewals

i) Following a break of continuity

  • 7-Day Season Tickets - The ticket may be issued on the start date; if the start date is a Monday (or Tuesday after a Bank Holiday), the ticket may be issued from 0600 hours on the previous Sunday.
  • Monthly and Annual Season Tickets - If the start date is a Saturday, Sunday or Monday (also Tuesday after a Bank Holiday), the ticket may be issued from noon on the previous Friday. If the start date is another day, the ticket may be issued after noon on the previous day.

ii)  Where the ticket is surrendered with no break of continuity

  • 7-Day Season Tickets - If the start date is a Sunday or Monday (or Tuesday after a Bank Holiday) the ticket may be issued from noon on the previous Friday. If the start date is another day, the ticket may be issued after noon on the previous day.
  • Monthly and Annual Seasons Tickets - The ticket may be issued any time up to seven days in advance.

6. Season Ticket Holders Seat Reservation Terms & Conditions

  • One application form per Season Ticket holder. Multiple bookings will not be processed.
  • All fields must be completed in order for the reservations to be processed.
  • We will do our best to reserve the seat of your choice or one closest to your request.
  • To reserve seats for multiple days, please email with the date and times you'd like to travel.

  • Reservations are available only from LNER Travel Centres and are subject to availability.
  • Reservations are not valid unless they are accompanied with the correct Season Ticket and a copy of the seat reservation form.
  • Reservation fees may apply.
  • A maximum of one journey per direction per day is permitted.
  • Please allow up to 7 days for reservations to be processed. Reservations can be made up to 7 days beyond the expiry of your Season Ticket.
  • LNER has the right to withdraw or modify this facility. Where possible, reasonable prior notice will be given.
  • Reservations are subject to the National Rail Conditions of Travel.