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We're continuing to improve and update our food and drink onboard our trains.

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New onboard catering

We serve delish, locally sourced food and drink on all of our trains in Standard and First Class.

Catering FAQs

Why have I received an email about an alcohol-free train?

From time to time, we run certain services as alcohol free or "dry" trains. This means that alcohol cannot be brought onto or purchased onboard our trains and customers may be searched before boarding.

This normally happens on the advice of British Transport Police when we know a large group will be travelling, to help make the journey a pleasant experience for everyone. 

If a train is going alcohol free, we make the decision at least 48 hours before departure. You can find these updates publicised in the departure stations, or on the timetable changes page of our website. Staff members will also let you know on the day, and they'll provide a complimentary soft drink in place of any pre-ordered alcoholic drinks.

Which trains can't I drink alcohol on?

The alcohol-free policy will apply every Friday, on the 09.52 Aberdeen to London King's Cross train, between Aberdeen and Newcastle (and all calling points in between).

We expect a number of large groups to be travelling on this train, so to help make it a pleasant experience for everyone, we'll be operating an alcohol-free policy for part of the journey.

This means that alcohol cannot be brought onto or purchased on board our trains at any stop between Aberdeen and Newcastle, and customers may be searched before boarding. Additionally, alcoholic drinks will not be served as part of the complimentary food and drink offer in First Class until after Newcastle.

What food and drink do you offer on your trains?

Lets Eat (now at your seat!) in Standard

We offer a locally sourced menu from along our route from our Let's Eat Cafe Bar. You can order your food and drink straight to your seat. Simply scan the QR code on the seat or window near you, when you're onboard. 

Alternatively, you can still go up and purchase food and drink from the Let's Eat Cafe Bar.

Let's Eat Menu


First Class dining

In First Class, we offer three fresh and tasty menus depending on the train you're travelling on. You can view the menus here.

First Class menu