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To benefit from the brilliant features of the LNER app and to join our loyalty scheme, LNER Perks to get £5 free, simply visit the app store on your device and download our app!

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Available to download on iOS and Android.

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One app, lots of exciting features

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  ​Available to download on iOS and Android.

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Booking train travel EASY

"Never has it been easier to book tickets and also being sure you are getting the best price, this is from someone who doesn't usually use apps - well done LNER"

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Brilliant app

"It's so easy and intuitive to book tickets. I love all the perks I get to, every little helps!"

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Using this app is so easy!

"LNER are great at being agile when my work changes which means I need to change my ticket, refund where necessary and credit if not possible which is easy to use on the next purchase! Best travel app out there and now there's perks to claim back money and add to your next."

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Frequently asked questions

For more information on the LNER app, view the frequently asked questions below.

Will I still be able to access my existing train tickets and booking information in the LNER app?

Yes, once you log into the app you can access your full LNER account, including bookings you have made on the LNER website. Any tickets you have already purchased can be accessed through the new LNER app.

Can I choose to get my train tickets posted to me through the LNER app?

No, we do not support posted tickets from the LNER app. Mobile tickets in the form of eTickets are easier to use, can be replaced if lost, and are easier to change or refund. Where we can give you an eTicket for your journey, we will do this by default. If eTicket is not supported for your journey (e.g. cross London journeys) then we will allow ticket collection at the station.

Can I print my tickets purchased through the LNER app?

If you select eTickets for your journey, then you can print the PDF versions of your tickets if you prefer to have a hard copy. You can access these versions in the My Account area of the LNER app or the LNER website. We also email you a PDF by default if you book eTickets via the app.

What operating systems support the LNER app?
  • Android 7 and later
  • iOS 11 and later

If you have older versions of the app that were supported on earlier versions of iOS or Android, then the app may remain on your device, but you won’t benefit from any app updates for later versions. We recommend updating your operating system and/or device if you want to benefit from LNER app updates.

Can I reserve a bike space through the LNER app?

The app currently does not support bike reservations. However, you can reserve a bike on our website when booking a journey that on LNER trains only. Alternatively, you can reserve a bike space by contacting us on 03457 225 333 Monday to Sunday between the hours of 08:00-22:00 or at a Travel Centre.

Travelling with a bike

How do I join LNER Perks?

You can join LNER Perks by visiting LNER.co.uk/perks or by downloading our LNER mobile app. You’ll need to sign into your LNER account or create a new one, then click to join LNER Perks. 

How do I claim the £5 credit when I join LNER Perks?

When you join, the £5 joining credit will automatically be added to your LNER Perks credit balance.