Let's Eat Deli menu

A light, refreshing menu.

Offering a selection of delicious hot and cold sandwiches made from fresh produce from the LNER route.

Your host can advise if the Breakfast/ Brunch or Lunch/ Dinner menu is being served. You'll be able to choose ONE main and one dessert to enjoy.

Our drinks menu is the same across all trains, offering a selection of hot, cold and alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is served from 11:30am, when available.

If you have a food allergy, please check our allergen page.

Breakfast | Brunch

Bacon Roll

British smoked bacon in a white roll, served hot with your choice of Heinz ketchup or brown sauce. 261 kcal

Meatless Farm Sausage Sandwich V Vg

Delicately seasoned pea protein patty, made by Meatless Farm in Leeds, served in a crusty roll. A delicious plant-based alternative. Served hot with your choice of Heinz ketchup or brown sauce. 310 kcal

Proper Oats V

Overnight oats made with strawberry and blackcurrant and thick, creamy Skyr yoghurt which is great for gut health and high in protein. Made on our route near Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales. 176 kcal

Golden Syrup Porridge Pot V NGCI

Moma porridge pot. British, jumbo, gluten free oats with golden syrup flavour. 254 kcal

Seeded Loaf Cake V VG

A sweet loaf cake, packed with oats, seeds and raisins. 368 kcal

Fresh Fruit

A choice of apple or satsuma. 104 kcal, 40 kcal 

Lunch | Dinner

Enjoy two courses, choose one main

Tuna Crunch Sub Roll

Flaked tuna in a seasoned mayonnaise with crunchy red pepper, red onion, cucumber and sweetcorn. 454 kcal

Double Egg and Tomato on Farmers Bread V

Egg mayonnaise and sliced boiled egg with slow roasted tomatoes and watercress on farmer’s bread. 478 kcal

Deli Box V Vg NGCI

A lighter option containing salted tortilla chips, tomato & red pepper hummus, black olive tapenade and a plant based coconut and mango dip. 315 kcal

Toasted Teacake V

Lightly toasted teacake packed with raisins and sultanas served with a choice of Nutella or rhubarb jam, made on our route in York by The Fruity Kitchen. 311 kcal

One to finish

Lemon Posset Pot V NGCI

Creamy, zesty lemon dessert. Made on our route in Newcastle by Beckleberry’s. 200 kcal

Fresh Fruit

A choice of apple or satsuma. 104 kcal, 40 kcal

Drinks menu

Our selection of drinks are the same across the Deli, Dish and Dine menus.

Hot Drinks

Oat milk is available with hot drinks


A Fairtrade, full roast from Brodies – artisan coffee roasters based on our route in Edinburgh. Decaf available on request


A Fairtrade breakfast tea blended on our route in Hull by Finlays

Speciality Tea

Earl Grey, mint, green or decaf tea all blended on our route by Taylors of Harrogate

Hot Chocolate

Soft Drinks

Harrogate Spring Water Still or Sparkling


Diet Coke

Franklin & Sons Lemonade or Ginger Ale

Orange Juice

Apple Juice

Britvic Tonic or Slimline Tonic Water


Alcohol is available 7 days a week starting from 11:30am (when available)

Hop on Board Ale

Our signature golden ale, brewed for LNER by Rudgate Brewery of York.

Budvar Lager

Czech lager


Whisky, Gin or Vodka

White Wine – Viura Blanco, Spain

A rounded white Rioja with a soft, exotic character and a little apple freshness

Red Wine – Tempranillo Tinto, Spain

A lovely juicy red fruit with an abundance of natural sweetness

Rosé Wine – Tempranillo Rosado, Spain

A rosé with delicate aromas and mellow fruit with a dash of freshness

View the other menus

To see which menu will be served simply search for tickets on our website or on the LNER App. Once you've selected a First Class ticket it will show either the Deli, Dish or Dine menu name.

Let's Eat Dish menu

Offering a selection of delicious hot and cold sandwiches, as well as freshly cooked dishes made from fresh produce from the LNER route.

Let's Eat Dine menu

A choice of hearty meals or lighter snacks, including an option of a sweet treat or cheese plate to finish. All freshly prepared and sourced locally along our route.

First Class menus

On weekdays you'll be served the Dine, Dish or Deli menu. On weekends you'll be served the Dish or Deli menu. When you're booking your ticket on our website or on the LNER App you'll see the name of the menu that will be served when you're travelling.

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