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If you want the flexibility to catch any train you want and buy the ticket whenever you want, then Anytime is for you. You can buy ahead, or just walk up on the day, and they're valid on any train on the date shown.

What are the advantages?

  • You can travel on any train
  • No need to book in advance
  • First Class and Standard options available 


When can you use an Anytime ticket?

Short answer: any time, any train. But not any date.

Long answer: every ticket has a start date on it.

  • If it's an Anytime Day ticket, you have to use it that day. (Actually up until 04.29 that night)
  • If it’s an Anytime Single, you can use it on the date shown, and on the day after, well, for those of you who are late-starters, you actually have until 04.29 (in the morning) on day three by which to complete your journey
  • If it's an Anytime Return, the outward bit is valid for five days after the start date (04.29), and the return for one calendar month after the start date. (Until 04.29) For example, if your outbound journey is on 7 July, the last day you could use the return ticket would be 6 August.
  • You can break up your journey at a station along the way (a bit of sightseeing or even an overnight stay)
  • Unused tickets are fully refundable, but we do charge a small admin fee

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Are Anytime tickets refundable?

Up until 30 September 2022, if you cancel your booking BEFORE 18:00 the day before travel, you can get a fee-free refund.

If you cancel your ticket AFTER 18:00 the day before travel, an industry-standard £10 admin fee is applied.

View our full refund policy

Can I change my travel plans?
You can travel at any time on the date shown on your ticket (or on the following day if it isn't a Day Single/Return), by the route shown on your ticket. You can travel on the date shown on your ticket or within the next four days for an Anytime return ticket, returning within one month. Find out how to change your ticket. If you want to change your travel date outside the above allowance, you should refund your ticket and buy a new one. You can find out all about refunding your tickets here.

Do I need to book in advance?
No, you can buy an Anytime ticket at the station up to a few minutes before departure.

Can I break my journey?
Yes, you can stop off at stations along your route of travel.

Can I get a discount with a Railcard?
Yes, you can save up to a third of the ticket price with a Railcard. Find out more about Railcards.

Are there discounts for children?
Yes, there is a 50% discount for children aged 5-15, and under 5's travel free. Read more about travelling with children.

Can I reserve a seat?
Yes, you can reserve a seat in advance online or in person at a Travel Centre. Seat reservation is recommended on busier trains. For any train that leaves before 10:15, reservations are closed the night before. After that, reservations close 2 hours before the train departs the first station.

Is it possible to book a First Class Anytime ticket?
Yes it is, for most journeys. If your journey includes a connecting train that does not have First Class accommodation, this will be taken into account in the price you pay. LNER First Class tickets also let you use any of our First Class lounges for free.

What happens if disruption affects my travel plans?
If you decide not to travel due to disruption, you can claim a refund on any unused tickets without needing to pay an administration fee.