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Flexible travel on Fridays

We've relaxed the usual travel restrictions for Off-Peak, Super Off-Peak and Off-Peak Day tickets on Fridays for trains departing from and arriving at London Kings Cross and Stevenage. That means if you have a flexible LNER ticket you can travel at any time on a Friday (as long as your ticket is valid for then!).

Make sure you reserve a seat if you do decide to travel on a different train, for a more comfortable ride.

When can you use an Off-Peak ticket?

The trains you can catch and the times you can travel with an Off-Peak ticket vary depending on three things, so be sure to check your ticket’s terms and conditions:

  1. When the journey is
  2. Where you’re going
  3. And which train company that you are travelling with.


Off-peak tickets

Usual off-peak restrictions if you’re travelling with LNER in and out of London King’s Cross

  • Trains travelling north: Off-Peak tickets are not valid for travel on northbound trains departing London between 06.45 and 07.59 (Monday to Thursday*) or between 15.59 and 17.45 (Monday to Thursday* only)
  • Trains travelling south: Off-Peak tickets are not valid for trains that arrive into London before 10.08 (Monday to Thursday*) 
  • You can travel anytime at the weekend
  • You’ll need to make your outward journey on the date shown on the outward part of your ticket
  • You have to make your return journey within one calendar month of the date shown on your ticket. For example, if you booked to your outbound journey for 7 July, the last day you could use the return ticket would be 6 August. Off-Peak restrictions will also apply to the return journey
  • Not all journey restrictions are set by LNER. Train companies have their own off-peak tickets to give you flexibility to travel on any of their trains. Check your ticket to see the route restrictions such as ‘LNER only’, ‘Grand Central only’ etc. And then if it isn't an LNER ticket, please check the website of the train company for the off-peak restrictions for the journey you're making.

*Except between Stevenage and King’s Cross which also includes Friday.

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Super Off-Peak tickets

If there’s more than one Off-Peak fare for a journey, the cheaper fare with more restrictions is called a Super Off-Peak ticket.

Super Off-Peak restrictions for journeys with LNER to/from/via London King’s Cross and Stevenage are slightly different. 

  • If you're travelling in/out or via London King's Cross, Super Off-Peak tickets are not valid for travel on northbound trains departing London/Stevenage before 09.06 and between 14.59 and 18.59 inclusive (Monday to Thursday*)
  • On Southbound journeys, Super Off-Peak tickets are not valid for travel on any train which arrives in London/Stevenage before 11.17 (Monday to Thursday*)
  • Super Off-Peak tickets are not available in First Class.

*Except between Stevenage and King’s Cross which also includes Friday

When can you use an Off-Peak Day ticket or an Off-Peak Travelcard?

Outward and Return journeys must be made on the date shown on your ticket. Break of journey is allowed. Times you can travel:

Northbound: On any train from London King's Cross timed to depart at 09.53 or later, except 15.40-19.01 inclusive, Monday-Thursday.
Southbound: On any train to London King's Cross timed to arrive in London at 11.00 or later, Monday-Thursday.

An exception applies to Off-Peak Day tickets between Stevenage and London King’s Cross as these tickets are not valid for trains timed to depart after 04:29 and before 09:30, Monday - Friday. There is no restriction for your return journey of the ticket.

London restrictions: Super Off-Peak and Off-Peak Day Returns

Since January 2019, Thameslink & Great Northern introduced a Super Off-Peak Day Return/ Travelcards to their weekday ticket range between Peterborough and London Thameslink/ London stations. Travel restrictions are listed below:

  • Super Off-Peak Day tickets cannot be used on trains that arrive at London stations before 10.55 or that depart London stations between 16.30 and 19.01. 
  • Off-Peak Day tickets between London King's Cross and Stevenage are valid after 09.29 (Monday to Friday).

What happens if you board a train that your ticket isn’t valid for?

If travelling on LNER trains using an Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak ticket, it is essential that you read these terms and conditions carefully. If you board a train that your ticket is not valid for, you may be liable to purchase a new ticket or pay an excess fare. If travelling with other train operators, please check with that operator for restrictions that apply to their trains.

Note: Super Off-Peak Return tickets for some journeys are sold at a special web-only price that is not available at to buy in stations. If you go to the station to change a web-only ticket, you will have to refund your existing ticket and then book a new one. This may result in you paying more to buy another Super Off-Peak Return ticket, so it’s best to change your ticket online in your account.

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