Delay Repay for your Journey

If you're delayed on one of our trains for 30 minutes or more you're entitled to compensation

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You can now choose to donate your claim to charity

We've partnered with the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) who are leading a movement against suicide, the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK. As part of our work with them we offer you the option to donate your delay repay compensation to support the work they do. All you have to do is choose "CALM (charity donation)" from the Compensation Preference dropdown menu on the Delay Repay form.

About 22% of delays to our services are our fault. 64% are Network Rail’s responsibility. 14% are due to other train operators.

How does Delay Repay work?

If you arrive at your destination late because an LNER train was cancelled or delayed, you can submit a claim. The kind of claim depends on how late you were:

How to claim Delay Repay

Claiming is nice and easy, we just need to know as much as possible about your trip. So you’ll need to:

  • Complete a Delay Repay form, filling in all the relevant sections
  • As proof of purchase, please enclose your validated ticket and your seat reservation coupon – though please don’t staple them together
  • Send a photocopy of your ticket, if you have a monthly or annual. Season Ticket. If you have a weekly Season Ticket, please send your claim after your ticket expires and enclose it with your form
  • We should be able to process your claim within 10 working days, but if you miss out any of the stuff above, or get the date wrong or anything, it'll end up taking longer to sort out. So worth checking before you send.

Next time you book direct you can opt-in to One-Click Delay Repay and make it even easier for you to claim with automated emails (and no more forms to fill out)!

Terms & Conditions

If you want to make a claim you need to submit it within 28 days of travelling

  • Application forms are also available from our stations and on-train teams
  • Validated tickets (including Self-Print tickets) for the relevant journey need to be enclosed with your claim - no staples please
  • If you were delayed on another company’s train, you need to claim from them directly
  • Your 30 minute or more delay must be on one complete train journey 

Delay Repay for season tickets

Season Ticket Refund Calculator

The amount you can claim is based on how many journeys the season ticket is likely to be used for, based on weekday journeys there and back. This means the amount of compensation for each journey is:

  • for a weekly Season Ticket, the price of the ticket divided by 10
  • for a monthly Season Ticket, the price of the ticket divided by 40
  • for an annual Season Ticket, the price of the ticket divided by 464

If we have to introduce an emergency timetable, Delay Repay compensation will be re-calculated against this.

If peak times are especially bad…

If you suffer a period of sustained poor peak* punctuality and you’re a Season Ticket holder, we may be able to pay out over and above these arrangements. Any additional compensation will be agreed in consultation with Passenger Focus and London TravelWatch. 

When exactly are ‘peak’ times?

By ‘peak’ we mean trains scheduled to arrive at London King’s Cross between 07:00 and 09:59, and trains scheduled to depart from London King’s Cross between 16:00 and 18:59, on Mondays to Fridays, excluding Bank Holidays. 


About your claim

  • If your claim is successful, you can choose to have the amount paid by a bank transfer (BACS), Paypal, in National Rail Travel Vouchers, or as an e-voucher.
  • We can only pay compensation under one scheme per journey. For example, if you were unlucky enough to be delayed by over 30 minutes and the seat you reserved wasn’t available, you would have to pick either Delay Repay or Seat Guarantee. You can choose the scheme that offers you the most compensation though.
  • We don’t normally accept refund claims under Delay Repay if you were advised of the delay before you bought your ticket.
  • But treat each claim on its merits and never automatically rule out compensation.
  • Completing this form doesn’t guarantee you compensation, or create any new legal relationship with you. It also doesn’t affect your legal rights.
  • Please be careful and write neatly when completing your Claim Form. To validate claims, we have monitoring systems for checking customer details, ticket types and other information provided. For the system to work, we need you to write in block capitals inside the boxes provided.
  • This form will only be used to look into claims for ‘Delay Repay’ or ‘Seat Guarantee’ schemes. If you want to say something about any other aspect of our service, you can send an email to our friendly LNER Customer Services team at
  • If you want to find out more about our commitments to our customers, you can read our Passenger’s Charter online at, or pick up a copy from any of our stations.

* ‘Portion’ means either the outward or the return part of a return ticket. ‘Relevant’ means the portion of the journey on which you were delayed.

If you bought two separate Advance Single tickets to make a round trip, these don’t constitute a Return ticket. The maximum claim will be 100% of the ticket used for the delayed journey.


We treat each claim on its merits and never automatically rule out compensation.

Claim Delay Repay online